At Cresco, we have a proud history of helping young businesses achieve successful investment funding.

Complex investment rounds are best navigated with experience, and we’ve been there dozens of times before. We will explain how fundraising works, which structures you can use, which terms to keep on the term sheet – everything you need to make your campaign successful and Enterprise Ireland compliant.

Looking further ahead, Cresco can advise on Employee Share Option Plans, as well as executing other Long Term Incentive Plans for crucial staff members and advisers.

  • Pre-investment services – ensuring all corporate and share capital matters are in order pre-investment.
  • Investment structuring – developing optimal structures to support fundraising (we are experts in Enterprise Ireland and EIIS-related funding structures)
  • Creation of group holding & nominee structures
  • Creation of Employee Share Schemes and other Long Term Incentive Plans (tailored to the needs of the company and the employee)