The role of a CFO is to create and implement financial strategies which drive growth, while also aligning the financial, strategic and operational goals of the company. It’s about enabling long-term success.

Their input and direction is critical to the sustained growth and management of modern businesses, but full-time CFOs are also expensive, and well beyond the budget of growth-stage companies.

A Virtual CFO is the cost-effective solution.  

We provide all of the experience and knowledge required to strengthen your finance function at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO, and with infinitely more flexibility. Whether for one hour a month or ten a week, we can accommodate your specific needs.

The main services offered by a Cresco Virtual CFO:

  • Key supporter of the CEO and executive team
  • Management of company finances to ensure they support company objectives
  • Financial modelling and business planning
  • Commercial negotiations (we have significant contractual negotiation experience)
  • Assistance with investment structuring, fundraising and related matters
  • Assisting with strategic planning and goal setting
  • Implementing processes and controls to measure key organisational goals (KPIs, dashboards, framework for tracking against strategic objectives)
  • Board reporting & shareholder relations.
  • Assistance with expanding into foreign markets (global taxation and compliance considerations)